Keynote at Urban Studies conference – Univ. of Amsterdam

Pablo Mateos gave a keynote talk at a conference on Urban Studies at the the University of Amsterdam

The conference title was “The Essence of the Urban”, and it attempted to discuss questions about scholarly questions emanating from the changing form and role of cities  and about the analytical focus of the Urban Studies discipline.  Central questions discussed were What is the role of the “urban” in today’s society and how should urban scholars approach this core concept in their academic endeavors?

To explore these questions, this conference was structured into three plenary sessions that chart an evolution from the theoretical underpinnings of the urban, to a greater understanding of ‘how’ we can study cities, and finally to practical applications in a pluriform society.



Neil Brenner (New York University) / James Sidaway (Univ. of Amsterdam)- Theory
Pablo Mateos (University College London) – Methodolgoy
Maarten Hajer (University of Amsterdam) – Policy

Pablo’s talk was titled “Digital cities and volunteered geographies: Innovative methods in urban studies” (download presentation)

More information about the conference:


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