My own research and/or the projects in which I have worked with others at UCL Geography and CASA have gained attention through the following media features:

Selected media features

2011  TV Interview on US migration,  HispanTV , London (to be broadcasted in September 2011)

2011  What’s in a surname. National Geographic magazine, February, 22-23

2009  TV commentary about changing fertility in the UK, Channel 4 News (August, 2009)

2008  ‘Website maps surnames worldwide” BBC News, 30 Aug

2008   “Putting you on the map: the website that pinpoints where your name is in the world’ The Independent 30 Aug

2008 ‘Global surname website launched’ Channel 4 News, 30 Aug

2008  ‘Mapping London’s immigration’ BBC News, 27 March

2008 ‘What’s in a name? quite a lot actually….’ interview in BBC Radio 4, 26 March

2007  ‘The 50 most common British surnames, by postal town‘ The Observer 18 Apr.

2007  ‘Britain’s moving story’ The New Statesman, 15 January

2007   ‘Website focus on surnames’, Practical Family History magazine, February (110) p. 64-65

2006   ‘The Global Geography of Surnames”, Geographical: The magazine of the Royal Geographical Society, November, v. 78 (11) p. 12

2006   ‘The name game: How to trace your surname across the globe’, The Times, 31 August, front cover and p.5

2006   ‘Riddle of the most travelled Britons’, The Independent, 31 August, p.10

2006   ‘How British names conquered the world’, Daily Telegraph, 31 August, p. 4

2006   ‘Most adventurous surnames mapped’ BBC News on-line, 31 August.

2006   ‘End of the innuendo’, The Guardian, news blog, 31 August.

2006   ‘Name check reveals a new pecking order’, The Sunday Times, 4 June, p.8

2005   ‘Team find sickly postcodes’, report in Camden New Journal, 17 July, p. 17.

2005   ‘This sceptered aisle: Tesco is successful chiefly because it understands Britain. But it is also changing the place’,The Economist, 4 August, p. 23

Press Coverage in August-September 2008, after the launch of WorldNames website:

BBC Online – [link]
BBC Radio 4 – [link] and [link]
The Independent [link]
Channel4 news – [link]
Telegraph – [link]
The Scotsman – [link]
The Press Association [link]
New Zealand Herald – [link]
SG.HU (Hungary)- [link] (Germany)- [link]
Telekom Presse (Austria) – [link]
Presstext (Germany)[link]
Globo (Brazil) – [link]
Yahoo News Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – [link]
Saigon Giai Phong Online (Vietnam) – [link] (Australia) [link] (Iceland) [link] (Germany) [link]
WebUser – [link]
Worthing Herald – [link]
Portugal Diario – [link]
The Dominion Post – [link]

Press Coverage in 2006, after the launch of GB Surname Profiler website:

15 Jan 2006 Sunday ObserverGlasgow Sunday Herald
16 Jan 2006 Channel 4 Website & Lunchtime News
17 Jan 2006 BBC News Feature Article / News PageEastern Daily Press,Innovations Report (German Online News), BBC Radio Linc.
18 Jan 2006 Express and Star (Midlands)Western Mail (Wales)PC Pro,Mac UserComputer BuyerComputer ShopperUCL Website,Blackpool Today.
19 Jan 2006 BBC Radio Scotland
20 Jan 2006 Guardian Weekly (International), Romford Recorder
21 Jan 2006 The TimesThe Daily Mail
24 Jan 2006 Swindon Advertiser
25 Jan 2006 Radio 2 Website of the DayMiles Mendoza Website of the Day, BBC Midlands Today.
26 Jan 2006 Nottingham Evening Post
29 Jan 2006 Scunthorpe Telegraph
30 Jan 2006 Newcastle Evening Chronicle
2 Feb 2006 Leicester Mercury
10 Feb 2006 Loughborough Echo
15 Feb 2006 Time Out London (William Orbit Article)
16 Feb 2006 Computer Active
4 Jun 2006 The Sunday Times
5 Jun 2006 The MetroThe SunThe Daily MailBBC News Feature Article / News Page
9 Jun 2006 BBC2 – Have I Got News for You
8 Aug 2006 BBC OnlineeGov Monitor
14 Aug 2006 BBC Radio 2 – Miles Mendoza
21 Aug 2006 eGov Newsletter
31 Aug 2006 BBC Online, Sky NewsThe Times, The Sun, The Independent,Daily MailDaily TelegraphMetroGuardian
1 Sep 2006 Readers Digest Sept Edition, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Wales
2 Sep 2006 West Australian Newspaper , The Age (broadsheet in Melbourne, Australia)
12 Sep 2006 The Scotsman
17 Sep 2006 BBC SW Local Radio
20 Sep 2006 Directions Magazine


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