New UCL collaboration with Mexico National University (UNAM)

Social Segregation in Latin American cities

A research collaboration in urban and population geography has recently being set up between Dr. Pablo Mateos (UCL) and Dr. Adrian Guillermo Aguilar, at the Mexico National University (UNAM), one of the the most prestigious university in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. The aim is to develop further studies of study socioeconomic segregation in Latin American cities.

Following earlier contacts, Pablo visited UNAM’s Institute of Geography in Mexico City for a week in April 2009, where he gave a seminar on ‘Spatial Analysis, Geodemographics and Residential Segregation’, showcasing various UCL research projects and introducing the collaboration with UNAM. He also initiated the research project by analysing Census data for Mexico City at very small area level. His visit was partly funded by UNAM’s international collaboration funds.

Adrian Guillermo will visit UCL for a month in May 2009, where he will be working with Pablo Mateos, various members of CASA, Dr Ann Varley and other human geographers in the department. He will give a departmental seminar on his work in Mexico City and the research project with UCL. His visit is funded by a Spatial Literacy in Teaching (SPLINT) Fellowship. (See:

This collaboration will establish opportunities for the dissemination of UCL and UNAM’s research in urban and population geography, including publications. Medium-term funding will also be sought to carry out a broader three year research project.

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