Research projects and funding:





ENFOLD (Explaining, modelliNg, andFOrecasting gLobal Dynamics) Co-Investigator 2010-15

EPSRC large grants (£2.9 million FEC)

between 7 Departments in UCL)

Census Geographic Visualisation (Censusgiv) Principal Investigator 2008-09

ESRC Census Development Grant (£81,000 FEC)

ESRC CASE Studentship Co-P.I. 2008-11

ESRC (£66,000)

The Geography of People’s names Principal Investigator 2007-08

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (£116,000 FEC)

Geogeneaology – Geoweb 2.0 solutions Named researcher 2006-07

ESRC Impact Grant (£50,000)

Onomap research project

Onomap lets analysts and researchers segment populations by ethno-cultural origin.

(populations = customers, users, residents, patients, audiences, tax-payers, etc.)

This segmentation adds value to their organizations by revealing hidden patterns in their needs, behavior or outcomes. And all you need to do this is a list of people’s forenames and surnames, and a simple piece of software: